Monthly Archives: January 2018

Sunday, 21st January 2018.

Rainy early-on (pic 1) but this changed to snow a bit later (pic 2) and it’s still snowing. Not too cold but not good for the bike as yet.
MSM reported below -13c temperature last night, but that was in remote Scottish highlands. Not too bad here – not freezing. Reports, locally, of low water-pressure. They did mains work atop Grindsbrook Road a week or two back and since water runs from a manhole cover, there, I’ve noticed.
A deadly Brazilian spider is found in ASDA banana pack. No, not ASDA Radcliffe! (I hope!)
There is some News with Noughts: Military bosses spend £1,500,000.00p on cost-cuts consultants! (Love that one!)
A milkman has had his old milk-float re-furbished as he now flogs 12,000 bottles of milk a week. N.B. that’s bottles. Far better than anything paper or plastic based and, long-term, possibly cheaper.
A ‘study’ has found that (Labour) re-nationalization would cost £176,000,000,000.00p – £6,500.00p per family unit. And the rest!

Saturday, 20th January 2018.

Cold and icy so the bike is shelved for a while. There are too ‘foot of snow’ warnings for the north again.
On the fun front the Channel Bridge concept is again in the news. If such a thing were remotely viable it would already be there. (A future News with Noughts story?)
News with noughts is: Carillion pension black hole may be £2,600,000,000.00p not a few hundred million as previously mentioned.

Friday, 19th January 2018.

Cold and even icy after morning hailstones today. Okay for the bike along tow-path. Snow on distant hills – Heracles Hill in pic – not sure if it shows-up. Other than that reasonable weather for time of year.
News with Noughts is of various banks offering help worth £225,000,000.00p to Carillion victims. It’ll help a bit.
And (it can only be estimated I’d have thought but) they reckon 8,300,000 folk (15% of UK [must also be estimate!] population) have ‘flu symptoms. It’s worst ‘flu ‘epidemic’ for seven years.
Get well Sir Ken!

Thursday, 18th January 2018.

drop of rain this morning so no out and about just yet. It’s probably the tail-end of Storm Fionn which is everywhere else but here. (Bit of wind in the night) Great pic in MSM of an airborne wheelie-bin. (Actually it’s a TARDIS.)
News with Noughts is around : Tax-payers will be forking-out for £200,000,000,000.00p worth (?) of PFI contracts until the 2040’s and folk at Manchester Uni’ have found that European microwaves cause 8,000,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2. Is that yearly?
Ken Dodd hospitalized with chest infection from flu’.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018.

Cold this morning but rain held off for an off-road bike-ride again. Plenty of water around farm fields by the canal, and an Egret evaded me camera near Bank Top. A foot of snow reported in Scotland but here it’s just rain or hail. Windy too but not too bad.
Snow on hills but it may not show-up in pic two.
Pic three is of Elton Reservoir ‘shallow-end’ in Radcliffe.
News with noughts is that Uni’ of Bath’s gaffer, on £475,000.00p a year, has been told to leave, and the film Titanic still pulls a bob or two after twenty years. Total profit from the film, so far, is £1,800,000,000,00p, yes, pounds not dollars and that’s profit not turnover.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018.

Rain, sleet and hail with strong winds this morning so ideal for a bike-ride off-road in the ‘wilds’. Farm lane well flooded.
No rain or hail so far but black clouds over deserted Elton Reservoir. Hinds Lane, from Bank Top Bridge, was flooded and deserted – excellent!
Tow-path is getting overgrown and narrow, not to mention mega-puddled. Along there too the hail came down – no problem under overgrowing trees.
Strangely, in Suffolk woodland, two ‘missing for hours’ airmen may have ‘been abducted by aliens’ when they went to investigate UFO lights.
And, still on the incredulous theme, ‘research suggests’ that statins may be okay for kids as young as seven who have genetic heart problems …
News with noughts is from that nice Mr Johnson who reckons that the ‘£350,000,000.00p weekly Brexit savings, for NHS’, would be £88,000,000.00p higher!
Mmm … pinch of salt time eh?

Monday, 15th January 2018.

Heavy-ish rain all morning so no biked out-and-about yet. Pic from December with weather similar to today. (Erm, in north-west that would be normal.) Worse weather (?) forecast again.
News with noughts does suggest that the £1,500,000,000.00p Carillion debt will be tax-funded one way or the other. (No other way.)
And Ant McPartlin might be divorce liable for £31,000,000.00p! Strewth, how much is he worth?
US Karaoke payment (£500,000,000.00p asked for) might apply to some Elvis Tribute Artists, not sure, but an online check suggests that there could be 35,000 of them, of one type or another, worldwide.
(For online marketers that’s 35,000 folk that, shortly, might need an original song that they can legally sing. It’s getting silly out there eh?)
Found one writer, David Daniel, that creates various artist styled songs – nice stuff. That’s just one such writer found so far …

Sunday, 14th January 2018.

Colder this morning but not freezing for a few local biked miles.
Watched Stranger Things on Netflix last night and two of ‘The Goonies’ were walking along woodland railway tracks – dropping lumps of meat to attract monsters … so, even in daylight Daisyfield was silently spooky early-on. (Pic today)
On The News with Noughts front: John Humphrys at the beeb pulls £650,000.00p a year!No wonder there’s ructions at the place. I mean, what does he do? Most other pensioners only get about a tenth of that! And chef Jamie Oliver has lost another £10,000,000.00p. How much has he actually got?
Contractors Carillion are £1,500,000,000.00p in debt. How did they manage that?

Saturday, 13th January 2018.

On the nippy side this morning but okay on the bike – no frost, rain, hail or snow. And, a nice bit of new brickwork next to Constellation Mill, where the old (falling down!?) bridge brickwork used to be.
News with noughts is that several UK Karaoke(?) firms have been billed £500,000,000.00p for not paying various song royalties to the US. Yikes – this is just Karaoke! Not the real thing! (And that is £ not $ ! If you want to sing summat, even online, best to write summat yourself rather than risk some kind of ‘copyright’ bill.)
And folk are complaining that Corrie is too violent. Erm, Corrie? What’s going on?
Sadly comedy actress Bella Emberg has died. She was brill as (amongst other funny roles) Russ Abbott’s ‘Blunderwoman’. R.I.P. Bella – a great TV personality.
A portrait (painting?) of a retired Police Gaffer (who recently warned of service cuts) has cost tax-payers £7,500.00p. No wonder they call pictures of us ‘mug-shots’ eh?