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Wednesday, 28th February 2018.

Snow flurries all day so far so no out and abouts as yet – it’s also quite cold. Msm describe it as ‘Whiteout!’ Pic 1, taken the other day from Meccano Bridge, back along newly surfaced canal tow-path.
Pic 2, River Irwell, through hillside trees, far below canal levels near Little Lever. Not far from here the hillside collapsed, breaching the canal, which in effect closed it. Must have been awesome.
On the Fun Front another (Aussie Radio) ‘Time Traveller’ reckons he’s been to 2118 and James Martin, cars and cooking man on TV, reckons he’s been sidetracked for presenting jobs because of his Northern accent. Mmm … no chance ‘ere then.
Loads of News with Noughts: Bids for Sky go to £22,000,000,000.00p. Toys r us might go to wall today if £15,000,000.00p vat bill isn’t paid.
Rolling Stones concert tickets changing hands for over £1,000.00p. (They’re not even on sale yet!)
Smart Meters again: The cost – so far – of these things is £9,000,000.00p over original estimate so any promised customer savings are wiped-out (at least). As with most things; if they were viable, they’d already be there.
Watched episode 1 of new TV series Training Day. Typical rather manic US cop-show that uses A-Team style non-dangerous machine-gun bullets, and, in one instance, what we’d call ‘Rubber Bullets’. Is it a kiddie show?

Tuesday, 27th February 2018.

After yesterday’s summer-like weather along Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal near Little Lever, there’s a couple of inches of snow today for the walk down Banana Walk to Radcliffe centre.
All this is of course part of ‘The Beast from The East’ weather ‘front’ that’s providing most of today’s ‘news’. In reality February is a winter month so there will be cold and snow.
The bike-route that’ll eventually join-up with Daisyfield Greenway, from Bury, has been lengthened further. Will check it out asap. It will be tarmacked later.
There is a little News with Noughts: 65,000 tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth, the £3,100,000,000.00p aircraft-carrier, is back at Plymouth after a month of ‘helicopter tests’ somewhere. The leaky prop-shaft ‘oil-seal’ must have been fixed …
Because of weather (?) 500 schools have been closed. How will folk ever learn how to cope (walk, clear, dress etc.) when it’s cold and there’s a flake of snow?
Watched Strike – Career of Evil, episode 1 last night. It’s good. Unlike most TV cop shows, which depict whole committees of tax-funded coppers (with usually very dubious results), Strike is Private Sector (i.e., no work, no pay) so rather than (say) Vera’s £50,000.00p Land Rover, Strike’s girl uses her heirloom, 50 odd year old, short wheel-base (98″) Mark 1, headlights in the middle, falling apart, original Land Rover model. It just gives that extra touch of realism to JKR’s oft OTT plots and stories. Not to mention that Strike himself is a man, rather than what we’ve come to expect, as male (lead) detectives, lately. A very watchable first episode in which his girl ditched her wimp and got a severed leg in the post. Good, nay, very good lead actors. The game is afoot – ooh! Sorry about that.
Also watched Collateral and, despite next episode being last, still can’t make head nor tail of it. There’s a murder, but coppers (several?) seem to be more interested in immigration problems …
Good actors/acting, just too many side-plots? And the rapist Army Officer was a similar Army Officer in the last Endeavour …

Monday, 26th February 2018.

On the day that plush warm rail carriage and/or hot luxurious Range-Rover travelling Southerners are advised to ‘be home by 6pm’ because of ‘bad weather’, here, in North, they just tickle-up freezing canal tow-paths to make it easier on shift- (round-the clock) worker’s bike-tyres. (See New Canal Update Page) Seriously, new surfaces are excellent and will allow bikers to ride Little Lever to Bury at hs2 speed – or more with a following wind, at a fraction of the cost.
Yes, despite early-morning snow flurries, canal tow-path to Little Lever, always a pleasant ‘country’ ride, was checked-out. And with re-surfacing going-on, parts are far better for walkers and bikers.
Some parts are still muddy so care and good tyres help.
On the Fun Front Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped programme reckons that the monounsaturated fats in (wait for it) Lard make it healthier than butter.
News with Noughts is that: thousands of motoring £130.00p fines could be quashed because No. Plate spy cameras are ‘unreliable’.
Council Tax bills may rise by £1,200,000,000.00p this year. Then again, they may not! (Yes, that was in today’s news!)
Estate Agents flog a £1,000,000.00p home every 27 minutes. That’s 19,300 of ’em a year. (Sold our house the other week – the Council went mad!)

Sunday, 25th February 2018.

Cold again with a strong North wind (from Siberia?) for the early bike-ride. At least such a wind helps with uphill bits of Bury & Bolton Road. Being Sunday though several folk biking local roads.
Quiet up at Bury South but something was getting up steam by the sheds.

Saturday, 24th February 2018.

Very cold again this morning but also very dry with average/low Irwell water at Warth Weir. Archimedes Screw was turning nicely next to the weir.
Britian is forecast to get colder with lows of -10c, four inches of snow and freezing winds. Mmm … sounds about right for March …
News with Noughts ever abounds; ‘Top’ doctors will keep their £77,000.00p ‘bonus’, costing tax-payers £320,000,000.00p yearly.
10,000 year-old moths, trapped in mud, could tell us, when examined, about past climate-change experts say. And wot folk wore eh?
World’s tallest building will soon be Saudi’s $2,000,000,000.00p Jeddah Tower at 3,280 feet.
Just as we get plastic fivers and tenners the world starts to ban plastic!
Watched the TV version of Lethal Weapon (again) last night. It’s watchable, there is action amid the talking-heads and stories do involve crime and its solution. Riggs though, in this, is seriously mentally disturbed and whether he’d be allowed to a) carry a firearm, or b) even act as a cop, might be questionable.

Friday, 23rd February 2018.

Very cold early-on, for a walk, and later for the six mile bike-ride. Some steam activity (shunting with Thomas?) at Bury South but not close enough for pictures. (It may be a ‘steam’ weekend.)
On the Fun Front: Motoring journalists voted Volvo XC60 Car of Year 2018. Online motorists voted for KIA Stinger – the XC60 in about third place.
News with Noughts is that an Oxford Road, Manchester, ‘Bus Lane’ cameras ‘nabbed’ over 150,000 motorists – each with a £60.00p fine – in six months. Yearly it should pull £9,000,000.00p. Sounds good eh? But no, over 100,000 uni/college students may claim £1,300.00p each as compen for missed classes/lectures during lecturer strike. Easy come easy go eh? (Why call it a ‘Bus Lane’? Scam Cam might be more appropriate)
Watched Death in Paradise last night and even this is now getting far too soapy, with the murder relating to one 30 years ago and unsolved by the then detective, the Commissioner, (great in Rising Damp) and Dwane’s silly old dad (nothing to do with plot – but he knew a bit about Reggae music) forcing himself on the Detective Inspector. Caribbean accents are all getting samey. All this ‘comedy’ helps bluster over very basic/simple plots. Still watchable – just.
Too tired to watch Striking Out which is on late. They could replace earlier, overly violent shows, such as Emmerdale or Corrie, with shows like Striking Out, which are very mild soaps with a touch of puzzling plot.

Thursday, 22nd February 2018.

Cold when biking this morning and the new bike-route section, across Blackburn Street, Radcliffe, looked finished early-on, but later there were cones again as a pole (?) seemed to be leaning over. In Radcliffe centre lidl is at last open and was (obviously) packed for its first day. (Mrs C bought a sewing-machine amongst other things.)
News with Noughts is of tv licence fee rise, £3.50p, from April 1st, tv tax will then be £150.50 yearly. Ructions will be caused. Unless this is an April Fools jest …?
nhs trusts go £1,200,000,000.00p into the red at end of 2017 and more than 1,000,000 students are affected by 45,000 (?) uni’ lecturers who’re striking over their pensions.
Govern-mental borrowing is down to ‘pre-crisis’ levels and growth in productivity is at highest for 10 years.

Wednesday, 21st February 2018.

Quite fine for an early bike-ride again with no wind and, no school traffic due to holidays. Pic taken a few days ago at High Bank, looking toward canal along Hinds Lane. If anything a touch cooler today – and colder weather is forecast.
Happy Birthday V. is in order, but they rarely call here.
News with Noughts is that B.P., the petrol company, forecast another 1,000,000,000 cars on the road by 2040. (I suspect this is sort-of worldwide).
The nhs pays £1,000,000.00p a year to ‘efficiency experts’. I thought it was far more than that.
And those govern-mental are to spend £300,000.00p on ‘promotional’ (justification?) materials as they give the go-ahead to Westminster’s £4,000,000,000.00p ‘do-up’.
Watched Shetland last night. It’s becoming more and more just a ‘travelogue’ for the place with trendy stone houses and island-hopping car-ferries. Slow too. A Loch Ness monster, or dinosaur of some kind, would make it far more watchable. Dysfunctional soap is creeping-in too.

Tuesday, 20th February 2018.

Fine and sunny for an easy bike ride around roads, lanes and tow-paths. Then minor bike-repairs for local minors on holiday from school.
Still summer-like although Arctic weather has been forecast.
News with Noughts is about the proposed £11,000,000,000.00p ‘Smart Meter in every home’ govern-mental (Spyware?) instalment programme failing abysmally with only 9,000,000 meters actually installed after years of badgering folk.
Watched beeb’s Collateral serial again last night. It’s very much as expected from beeb, so a toss-up between this and (as ever) tormented and dysfunctional Anna Friel. Both border the unwatchable really but old New Tricks, or Murder in Paradise shows keep you sane a bit later or on Netflix.

Monday, 19th February 2018.

Dull and drizzly again for a few biked miles but not too cold. Pic, of Bank Top/Benny’s/scaffolded Bridge taken earlier this month. ‘Arctic winds’ and -4c temperatures are forecast for later in February.
News with Noughts abounds again: Many folk, in the 80 to 100 (oh yes) age group, still smoke and drink and eat anything, which is baffling scientists as these folk are dementia-free (Yeeaaay!). Many such simply do not ‘retire’ and it’s thought that being so active, brain and body-wise, keeps them ‘super-fit’.
£2,000,000,000.00p worth of old tenners still circulate despite being worthless in two weeks. (I haven’t got any …)
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a fleet of 4,000 cars.
And, In Spain (I think) another Matador is gored by a rather nasty 1,000lb bull. Whaddya expect? A high five with it?
Matador Burgers … ?
Nearly forgot; a good Endeavour last night, with a real crime – theft from a vehicle – as well as several murders. Soap was cut to half a minute, with Thursday’s daughter, on a roof-top. Endeavour said, “No thanks.” and went back to detecting! The theft story wasn’t solved … is it within one of the original Dexter stories? Will check …