Monthly Archives: March 2018

Thursday, 29th March 2018.

It’s a ‘biggy’ weekend up at East Lancs Railway but, despite setting new speed records for a 1972 Apollo Tracker Bicycle (downhill, geriatric level) I just missed Tornado earlier on. Got pix of a shunt dragging a couple of old, clapped-out, loco’s up to Bolton Street Station – will upload a short video later.
Meanwhile house-bashing continues …

Wednesday, 28th March 2018.

A bit busy here with house-bashing. In order to do this a large lump-hammer is needed. I had an old hammer-head but it had no handle (haft). In backyard was the remnants of a pouffe (part of three-piece suite) made with chipboard and some inch by inch and an eighth wood sparring. The sparring was perfect, when shaped, as a hammer haft. Later, it worked perfectly! Dunno what the wood type is but it’s surprisingly strong??! (TV suite adverts will now say their three-piece-suites are great for lump-hammer handles!)
Some of the old ‘plaster’ was original – i.e. from 1927! It was like concrete.

Saturday, 24th March 2018.

Dull but windless and dry for an early five-miler.
Apparently congested cars now travel at an average 18.4 mph. It’s calculated that at this rate of slowing, in 10 years, push-bikes will be faster. RAC suggests massive road investments … (The sensible thing would be massive bike-route investment.)
And lords bung themselves a 2% pay-rise to £305 a day (plus expenses of course). There are loads of ’em too.
Next week-end is a biggy for Steam Locomotive fans locally. Pix taken if at all possible.

Friday, 23rd March 2018.

Rain this morning but still a five-miler biked regardless. More cold weather forecast for Easter.
News with Noughts is everywhere – a shot of 1894 Cognac sells, in a UK bar, for £10,000.00p. Facebook gave out 57,000,000,000 friendship connections. They could be facing a £1,000,000,000.00p ‘fine’.
Ant McPartlin has a £20,000,000.00p ‘deal’ with Suzuki cars – yet he still has ‘problems’.
A little busy here with a home ‘upgrade’.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018.

A touch of rain earlier – it did last night – but it’s blown over. Cold though with a west wind. Hedges being trimmed at Bury/Manchester Road junction – watch for thorns approaching lights from Radcliffe.
On the fun front hmrc wants ‘robots’ to check for tax-return compliance. (Thought they already had ’em!)
News with Noughts is that new blue British passports to be made by Dutch company in £490,000,000.00p ‘deal’.
And Pensioners describing themselves as ‘jobless’ can be charged about £100.00p more for car insurance!