Monday, 5th March 2018.

Much warmer today and most snow and ice has thawed away. Tow-path and bike-lanes are more or less clear but there are a few icy patches here and there. A tiny white spot, roughly central, in pic one, is an Egret. There were a pair in that field. (Got to keep me wildlife pics up to standard …)
Windless at Elton Reservoir and not too cold – still muddy along paths behind boathouse but okay.
Canal tow-path is okay but there are lots of thorny twigs along it – watch the tyres if riding along there.
For a little News with Noughts: experts (?) say that The Beast from The East weather will have cost us £1,000,000,000.00p per day.
Another good Endeavour last night. I got the umbrella gun thing but didn’t get the ‘killer’. Is the next one Thursday’s last? Hope not!

2 thoughts on “Monday, 5th March 2018.

  1. Condor Post author

    Mmm. The first Morse book, Last bus to Woodstock, was 1975. So they can do more Endeavours yet.


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