Tuesday, 6th March 2018.

Drizzly early-on but not cold for the biked six-miler. Pic, of Crompton’s Lodge, taken in February – it’s much tidied-up around there now, with access from Bury & Bolton Road down steps.
There is News with Noughts: Former soldiers are to get £40,000.00p tax-funded bursaries, to train as teachers.
Shinmoedake, James Bond, 007’s, You Only Live Twice Japanese volcano, has erupted about 600 miles from Tokyo.
Facebook says I’ve attained umpteen ‘smiley face emoticons’ from about 6 posts – keep it up (they say) and watch your friends lists grow. (Wots the pay?)
Watched Strike – Career of Evil – final episode last night (recorded) and it was good. Robin finally marries, but gets mugged, but Strike figures-out who the baddie is and nabs him. Again a realistic fight scene at the end rather than umpteen arms outstretched, pointing hand-guns at each other, as in silly us cop-show stand-offs. So Strike sort of ended last night (I think) unless JKR knocks a few more out.

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