Sunday, 11th March 2018.

A fine Mother’s Day morning for biking farm-lanes; and, from this one, distant steam plumes and whistle hoots signalled steamers at Bury South.
While there a fellow biker, riding sleek ultra-modern, watched City of Wells go by, getting pix on his ‘phone. He’d biked (to work nearby) from Warrington – 26 miles he’d clocked. I said little about my two-mile farm-lane free-wheel! (Have a safe and easy ride home!)
Then a very clean and shiny Leander came up – backwards but still Leander. It went for coaches then came back up again.
Compared to Wells and The Crab, Leander seems remarkably quiet when taking-off. (Some AVI shots YouTubed asap.)
Lanes are okay but still mega-puddled and muddy. Take care on two wheels.

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