Sunday, 6th May 2018.

Very warm today and a good five or six biked miles earlier on. Pic one is of East Lancashire Paper Mill gates that have been re-erected in a local park. A good idea but mill work was oft long shifts, night and or day, rain or shine. There were several such in Radcliffe at one time and nearly all of them closed within a few years of each other. John Wilds mill employed between 350 and 400 folk at its closure. (Plus more at nearby Bibby & Baron) East Lancs easily the same or more. James Street was, I think, smaller work-force wise. A nearby chemical works, Bealey’s, closed at the same time. Major cause was (we were told) huge rises in power (electricity) costs.
On the Fun Front a Private Police Force is on call for ‘between £100.00p and £200.00p per month. So Policing and rubbish removal are (slowly) being Privatised. This is okay so long as rates bills are adjusted downwards accordingly.
Thomas was up at Bury South again. Platforms were crowded.
Roasting outside right now …4.35 approx.

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  1. Condor Post author

    Mmm … Used to run that little rotary cutter at Tacons. Ran one at J.Wilds, later, it was forty feet long plus another thirty for ten tons of paper reels! Same type of slitters though.
    Roasting yesterday – today too it looks like.


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