Thursday, 10th May 2018.

Sunny earlier but then it poured down. Okay now.
Work here almost done but getting doors for fridge housing a nightmare. One pair wrong size(s), two pairs damaged on arrival …
Plenty of News with Noughts today:
10,000,000 railside trees to be axed – literally ?!?
Ed Sheeran scrapes into Rich-List with a paltry £80,000,000.00p – he’s 35th with someone called Gary Barlow.
Daniel Craig to get $25,000,000.00c to play Bond again. Dollars? Bond? Oh dear. Try pounds, even guineas for the pedantic …
Oil reaches $77.00c a barrel first time since 2014. Only need a few drops on the bike.
Rolls-Royce Cullinan – £250,000.00p 4WD? It’s not really on.
The Fun Front continues with our yearly Foreign Aid total around £14,000,000,000.00p. Frightening!

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