Sunday, 13th May 2018.

Sunny and not too cold so a longer bike-ride taking-in some riverside Giant Hogweed plants near a local public park.
They’re already three to four feet high and encroaching park areas proper. (Pic two)
Take care if walking – or even sitting – around there.
On the msm Fun Front: Pix of a Top Secret underground us base with ‘Cheyenne Mountain’ written over a doorway.
Eurovision is indeed a (public-funded) Karaoke show.
News with Noughts: Topping Rich List Greater Manchester council-estate shy-guy now worth £21,000,000,000.00p. (He’s called Ratcliffe – I mean, how close can you get!)
Iffy oysters poison 12,000 Brits a year.
And academic boffins are baffled by 20,000 more UK deaths, in first four months of 2018, than in past five years. Mmm, try: more people = more deaths for a start.

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