Thursday, 31st May 2018.

Really warm and sunny for the early bike-ride. Met Office ‘Danger to life’, ‘hail, torrential rain and lightning’ weather warnings might have been slightly over the top!
News with Noughts is there: A pothole-damaged Range-Rover cost nearly £4,000.00p to put right.
Some doctors warn nhs needs £7,000,000,000.00p extra, yearly, to avoid getting worse. (Or?)
Meanwhile, some Stockport nhs staff can’t afford hospital parking fees so clog nearby streets. (Or?)
3,000 nhs patients now wait over a year for treatment. (Or?)
A ‘top economist’ says Brexit will cost British firms £2,000,000,000.00p not £20,000,000,000.00p as forecast by hmrc. Which goes to show how little these folk know about any business.
A bbc2 ‘boss’ reckons young folk (any folk!) are turning to Netflix, Amazon, etc., rather than beeb.
Strangely a beeb radio person fights a cut from £350,000.00p salary.
Which goes to show how little beeb know.

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