Sunday, 3rd June 2018.

Init warm?
Pic taken yesterday from Wellington Viaduct. Today it’s clear and very sunny. The, erm, cyclist did several Banana Walk (and canal to Withins!) ups and downs without any bother earlier on. It was very warm along there.
Later, a weird carboy fountain sorted, in pond with builder’s bucket. Mrs C might have put pix on FB.
The unicyclist out riding Manchester breweries with several other bikers – some with trikes. (Samples later, hopefully. Tested home-made Banana Beer last night.)
(Matter of fact just got another drop. Ahh, cool.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 3rd June 2018.

  1. dot

    Glad to hear the cyclist hasn’t given up . Banana walk and banana beer mmm. Hope the unicyclist makes it home ok. No pics of a fountain yet.


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