Monday, 4th June 2018.

Dullish but not cold or windy so an easy ride to Radcliffe, on bike-routes, for a few bits and bats. Returning, up ‘lower’ Banana Walk, was a bit steep as yet, but ‘higher’ Banana was, after only a week’s training, no problem for the cyclist.
Bussing it back from Radcliffe, for the non-bus-passed cyclist, is nearly £4.00p plus a bus-stop wait that can be twenty or more minutes.
Not a great Britain’s Got Talent fan but the three male comics and that female magician/comic were brill. The comic offed first was too much ‘John Cooper Clark’, the one second, with the keyboard, very funny. The winner, Lost Voice Guy, funny and totally original. Giang Brothers great too.
Pic today, of carboy/builder’s bucket, fountain erm, enclosure (??).

2 thoughts on “Monday, 4th June 2018.

  1. Condor Post author

    Fountain cover is an old carboy (chemical bottle) upside down in a builder’s bucket, with fountain in bucket which has clean water in it.


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