Saturday, 25th August 2018.

Heavy rain, infrequent busses, meant cancelling an appointment at a Health Centre yesterday – getting soaked, when an OAP, can make you ill!
Drier weather (just!) today but missed The (quite viable and very busy) Flying Scotsman, that is, I believe, steaming around Bury and districts once again. I’ll try again tomoz.
On the subject of ‘Trains’ the Gravy one (HS2) is under viability scrutiny again. If it was remotely viable the service would already exist. It doesn’t so it isn’t. News with Noughts about it: A quarter of folk ‘working on it’ right now get over £100,000.00p a year (No track or anything in place at all yet.) There are 15 ‘workers’ on £250,000.00p or more. Money is being thrown at this project regardless while our present debt, funded by £40,000,000,000.00p per annum interest payments, is allowed to carry on. (That’s about £20,000,000.00p a week!)
During morning’s biked five-miler, passed a large bunch of lady & gent cyclists, from Bolton they said, as they rode down Daisyfield Greenway access slope at Bury. They were off to Gisbourne (they said). Just hope it stays fine for ’em and they have a good day. Who needs trains eh? Unless they’re steam and you’re a spotter.

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