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Friday, 23rd February 2018.

Very cold early-on, for a walk, and later for the six mile bike-ride. Some steam activity (shunting with Thomas?) at Bury South but not close enough for pictures. (It may be a ‘steam’ weekend.)
On the Fun Front: Motoring journalists voted Volvo XC60 Car of Year 2018. Online motorists voted for KIA Stinger – the XC60 in about third place.
News with Noughts is that an Oxford Road, Manchester, ‘Bus Lane’ cameras ‘nabbed’ over 150,000 motorists – each with a £60.00p fine – in six months. Yearly it should pull £9,000,000.00p. Sounds good eh? But no, over 100,000 uni/college students may claim £1,300.00p each as compen for missed classes/lectures during lecturer strike. Easy come easy go eh? (Why call it a ‘Bus Lane’? Scam Cam might be more appropriate)
Watched Death in Paradise last night and even this is now getting far too soapy, with the murder relating to one 30 years ago and unsolved by the then detective, the Commissioner, (great in Rising Damp) and Dwane’s silly old dad (nothing to do with plot – but he knew a bit about Reggae music) forcing himself on the Detective Inspector. Caribbean accents are all getting samey. All this ‘comedy’ helps bluster over very basic/simple plots. Still watchable – just.
Too tired to watch Striking Out which is on late. They could replace earlier, overly violent shows, such as Emmerdale or Corrie, with shows like Striking Out, which are very mild soaps with a touch of puzzling plot.

Thursday, 22nd February 2018.

Cold when biking this morning and the new bike-route section, across Blackburn Street, Radcliffe, looked finished early-on, but later there were cones again as a pole (?) seemed to be leaning over. In Radcliffe centre lidl is at last open and was (obviously) packed for its first day. (Mrs C bought a sewing-machine amongst other things.)
News with Noughts is of tv licence fee rise, £3.50p, from April 1st, tv tax will then be £150.50 yearly. Ructions will be caused. Unless this is an April Fools jest …?
nhs trusts go £1,200,000,000.00p into the red at end of 2017 and more than 1,000,000 students are affected by 45,000 (?) uni’ lecturers who’re striking over their pensions.
Govern-mental borrowing is down to ‘pre-crisis’ levels and growth in productivity is at highest for 10 years.


Wednesday, 21st February 2018.

Quite fine for an early bike-ride again with no wind and, no school traffic due to holidays. Pic taken a few days ago at High Bank, looking toward canal along Hinds Lane. If anything a touch cooler today – and colder weather is forecast.
Happy Birthday V. is in order, but they rarely call here.
News with Noughts is that B.P., the petrol company, forecast another 1,000,000,000 cars on the road by 2040. (I suspect this is sort-of worldwide).
The nhs pays £1,000,000.00p a year to ‘efficiency experts’. I thought it was far more than that.
And those govern-mental are to spend £300,000.00p on ‘promotional’ (justification?) materials as they give the go-ahead to Westminster’s £4,000,000,000.00p ‘do-up’.
Watched Shetland last night. It’s becoming more and more just a ‘travelogue’ for the place with trendy stone houses and island-hopping car-ferries. Slow too. A Loch Ness monster, or dinosaur of some kind, would make it far more watchable. Dysfunctional soap is creeping-in too.

Tuesday, 20th February 2018.

Fine and sunny for an easy bike ride around roads, lanes and tow-paths. Then minor bike-repairs for local minors on holiday from school.
Still summer-like although Arctic weather has been forecast.

News with Noughts is about the proposed £11,000,000,000.00p ‘Smart Meter in every home’ govern-mental (Spyware?) instalment programme failing abysmally with only 9,000,000 meters actually installed after years of badgering folk.

Watched beeb’s Collateral serial again last night. It’s very much as expected from beeb, so a toss-up between this and (as ever) tormented and dysfunctional Anna Friel. Both border the unwatchable really but old New Tricks, or Murder in Paradise shows keep you sane a bit later or on Netflix.

Monday, 19th February 2018.

Dull and drizzly again for a few biked miles but not too cold. Pic, of Bank Top/Benny’s/scaffolded Bridge taken earlier this month. ‘Arctic winds’ and -4c temperatures are forecast for later in February.
News with Noughts abounds again: Many folk, in the 80 to 100 (oh yes) age group, still smoke and drink and eat anything, which is baffling scientists as these folk are dementia-free (Yeeaaay!). Many such simply do not ‘retire’ and it’s thought that being so active, brain and body-wise, keeps them ‘super-fit’.
£2,000,000,000.00p worth of old tenners still circulate despite being worthless in two weeks. (I haven’t got any …)
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a fleet of 4,000 cars.
And, In Spain (I think) another Matador is gored by a rather nasty 1,000lb bull. Whaddya expect? A high five with it?
Matador Burgers … ?
Nearly forgot; a good Endeavour last night, with a real crime – theft from a vehicle – as well as several murders. Soap was cut to half a minute, with Thursday’s daughter, on a roof-top. Endeavour said, “No thanks.” and went back to detecting! The theft story wasn’t solved … is it within one of the original Dexter stories? Will check …

Sunday, 18th February 2018.

Good bike weather early-on – no wind, rain, hail or snow. So an easy six miles around roads and lanes. Even a bit of diesel action up at Bury South.
Crompton’s Lodge, off Daisyfield, looks good after much work done clearing trees etc around there. (Pic two today)
A few months back you couldn’t even see the lodge from the viaduct bike-route.
Later rellies took dogs for a walk.
Around Withins farm lanes wellies are still a good idea.

Saturday, 17th February 2018.

Rainy and damp so a walk, for a mile or two, this morning. Busy yesterday, but biked to Radcliffe to check-out the new lidl store. It’s coming-on nicely and will open shortly – next week or the week after?

Yesterday Royals Camilla and Charles were up Yorkshire and Camilla boarded steamer No. 85 (I think) Will check what it is later – looks like a small (black-painted) tank-engine in very good nick.
News with Noughts abounds today;
4,000,000 school-days ‘lost’ to holiday days-off despite 150,000 £60.00p ‘fines’ being issued to ‘guilty’ parents in 2015/6. (£ making scam eh?)
Lady Diana Spencer’s light-blue ladies Raleigh bike is up for auction – £9,000.00p is expected.
800,000 online Trivia players fail to name Chinese currency – well, whaddyeno?
Lisa Marie Presley has $16,000,000.00c debts – what?
And a council (somewhere??) has threatened a resident with: jail, a £100,000.00p ‘fine’ and a criminal record for putting wrong type of waste in a bin.
In 2014 there were 54,000 waste ‘infringement’ notices (fines) issued. This had rocketed to 180,000 in 2016. (Another £ pulling scam.)
Much of this crap is burned nowadays anyway.
Watched a TV prog called Striking Out. Soap was expected but it was, refreshingly, free of it, with a great young male (miscreant) lead character. Might be good, if it keeps out of never-ending soap doldrums.
Steam Loco’ No. 85 built 1899 for Taff Vale Railway, South Wales. 02 0-6-2T class (bit bigger than a small Tank Engine) overhauled and returned to operational standard 2016 at Worth Railway, Yorks.

Thursday, 15th February 2018.

Coldish and a wind getting up for early biked miles. No ice left so much safer on busy local roads. Pic from the other day when deer were ‘snapped’, at last! Been seeing ’em for years, but never fast enough to get a pic.
On the Fun front it’s revealed that 95% of Uni’ bosses sit on their own salary-setting committees. Nice eh?
News with Noughts is that 40 councils burn more than half of their household ‘recyclable?’ rubbish. Burn = heat. Heat = power. Power = lecky? Or is that just too simple?
43,000 Metropolitan Police and staff are funded yearly by £3,240,000,000.00p. Yikes! What do all the other coppers get?
I’m told The X Files was ‘quite good’ on TV last night and it was a little bit ‘Altered Carbon’. If each episode features a different story (X File) it should be okay. Stories dragged-out week after week become boring endless soaps. Sadly Netflix series tend to fall into this genre but Stranger Things just about stayed above boring (switch-off) line.

Wednesday, 14th February 2018.

A cold wind this morning kept a few icy patches on local roads for the bike-ride and it did snow, on and off, nearly all morning. Kept to roads today so pic is from yesterday along canal tow-path.
On the fun front the erm, Schools Minister is stumped, on TV, when asked about times-tables. (Eight times nine is seventy-two chuck.)
News with Noughts is that Oxfam gets £32,000,000.00p yearly, from tax-payers. A re-think (said it many times) should be on the cards eh?
Pierce Brosnan may be fined 5,000 ruppees for advertising chewing tobacco in India. (It’s fifty-odd quid)
(Sadly) Rolls-Royce have announced that they’ll make a 4×4 SUV based on Phantom VIII. Oh dear no. Phantom VIII are knocked-out for a minimum £350,000.00p …

Tuesday, 13th February, 2018.

Dull and rainy for a few biked miles this morning – Hinds Lane is almost impassable with encroaching trees and 50 yard long puddles – it was brill! Look carefully at today’s pic. The canal tow-path was deserted and silent, but four Roe deer ran across opposite farm fields (one is behind tree) and (at last!) I managed a pic! Loads of water over there too.
Watched ITV Trauma last night and really John Simm and Adrian Lester deserve far better. You can’t just walk into a hospital (let alone its operating theatre!) and ‘stalk’ a very busy surgeon these days. On beeb Collateral also starred John Simm (and several other good TV ‘stars’) but it was only episode one so, as yet, puzzling. Sadly, of late, Who-Dun-Its are becoming dragged-out soaps while the soaps become iffy who-dun-its.
News with Noughts recently featured a 1,100 lbs WWII bomb, unearthed in London, and they’ve found another near Queen Elizabeth II bridge that carries 150,000 vehicles a day. Hope the bomb squad guys are safe while they sort things.
US plans for a Concorde – like, 1,100 mph, London to New York in 3 hours, plane, have been approved.