Loco’ pix taken, in passing, at Bury. Amongst engines spotted is The Flying Scotsman, which has been re-furbished, at Bury, over the past few years. Great to see it (at last!) Here are some shots of it:

Recently The Union of South Africa was also spotted:

Witherslack Hall ran at Bury for a while and this is the same type of engine as ‘The Hogwarts Express’.

Of course not all engines are huge …

The Crab, 13065, is quite big and a regular at Bury. Here are a few very close shots:

City of Wells – another big one – passes regularly, sometimes with its Golden Arrow. ‘Spam Can’.

Some shots of 80080, not sure if this engine is still running.

Smaller loco’s up at Bury.

Sometimes there’s a ‘Thomas’ day.

Here’s a smaller engine called ‘Beatrice’. Looks great.

More pix of 80080. May not now run so pix are getting rare.

More oldies?

Of course taking steam locomotive pix isn’t always straight-forward: