Manchester, Bury & Bolton Canal Update. Feb. 2018.

Ed took a uni’ ride along canal to Little Lever and reported much graft to muddy tow-paths – which ruins it for pedestrians and bikers. So I checked it out Monday 26th Feb. 2018. Muddy stuff has been scraped off,(Pic 1) hard-core and a new surface rolled for a large section from Prestolee Locks toward Radcliffe.(Pic 2) It looks like all the muddy bits will be re-surfaced and cobbled parts de-weeded etc.
New surface is fine for bikes, even those without all-round suspensions and industrial strength tractor tyres, even a roadie, with some treads, will be okay along here.
Pic 3 shows new surface by deep section of canal – all it needs there is water …
A really bad section of tow-path was where you veered down and across canal cut to get past the breach. Large edging stones, higher than path surface, were a killer for bike wheels. This bit is all level now with encroaching trees and weeds shifted. (Pic 4)
At Meccano Bridge, locks are still quite weed-free after much volunteer graft over past few years.
A cold, wintry ride today and muddy tow-path sections were well rutted, not good for the average ‘getting to work?’ biker in a hurry. But things might be far better very soon.