Friday, 6th April 2018.

Today, according to msm, will be hottest so far this year with tomorrow hotter still and hotter than Morocco. It was freezin’ out on the bike this morning. Pic from a few days ago at Bury South.
Also in msm is that foreign aid rises to £14,000,000,000.00p this year. Yet look at our roads … and litter … and miniscule old-age-pensions …
Watched another Striking Out tv show episode last night. It’s soapy but still interesting as young lady solicitor tries to go it alone after ditching errant boy-friend – the solicitor son of rich, legal-eagle business-owner who’s trying to shut her down because she ditched son. It’s different.

Sunday, 1st April, 2018.

Up early (check that steamers are actually running at Bury, (it is April 1st after all!) they are so an early bike ride (touching 18mph in parts!) to get Tornado pix.

Tornado is quite large! Dog barking in video is Lola.
She wasn’t too impressed with all that noisy steam.
Unusual shots of Crab 13065 pulling Wells and, eventually, Flying Scotsman.
You can see wheels properly at yards end.
It was sunny but very cold.

Thursday, 29th March 2018.

It’s a ‘biggy’ weekend up at East Lancs Railway but, despite setting new speed records for a 1972 Apollo Tracker Bicycle (downhill, geriatric level) I just missed Tornado earlier on. Got pix of a shunt dragging a couple of old, clapped-out, loco’s up to Bolton Street Station – will upload a short video later.
Meanwhile house-bashing continues …


Wednesday, 28th March 2018.

A bit busy here with house-bashing. In order to do this a large lump-hammer is needed. I had an old hammer-head but it had no handle (haft). In backyard was the remnants of a pouffe (part of three-piece suite) made with chipboard and some inch by inch and an eighth wood sparring. The sparring was perfect, when shaped, as a hammer haft. Later, it worked perfectly! Dunno what the wood type is but it’s surprisingly strong??! (TV suite adverts will now say their three-piece-suites are great for lump-hammer handles!)
Some of the old ‘plaster’ was original – i.e. from 1927! It was like concrete.