Thursday, 15th June, 2018.

Really windy early-on and a spot or two of rain from Hector, but okay for biking all the way around Elton Reservoir. A new bike-route path touches the res. path at two new wooden gates. Tricky (not impossible) with a bike. Some real waves on the res.
Luckily no rain.

On the way diverted a few yards to Withins Reservoir – the path is dry at moment.

Sunday, 10th June 2018.

I’d heard Hind’s Lane parts had been re-surfaced so checked. Went in from Bury end along Wellington Street. Hogweeds abound just at the ‘entrance’ so take care.
Parts of lane are nearly closed by forestation, but re-surfacing and widening (?) done from the water dam.
At the canal feed section the path has been levelled with the concrete – much better for bikers.
Sadly, several Giant Hogweed spotted along canal …
But those covering riverbanks by footbridge have been eradicated (?).

Saturday, 9th June 2018.

A Hogweed spotted along Banana Walk that someone’s trashed a bit. It’s more trashed now.
Cyclists, along there, should watch-out for the hogweeds.
News with Noughts: network rail gaffer gets £820,000.00p a year. So he must give ’em nearly half of that back (tax) … crazy eh?
13,000 bus-routes closed in past eight years. Busses are paid for via rates bills – reductions needed?

Friday, 8th June 2018.

It wouldn’t be (early) summer without a budding Giant Hogweed plant pic. So here one is. There are a few weed-killered and rotting Hogweeds about, but River Irwell’s steep banks near Hinds lane prevent horticultural death-squads getting close. So the (majestic?) Hogweeds abound. Stay clear though, Hogweed sap – even a touch – dissolves human flesh …
There is a biggy by the canal wall near High Bank Bridge …

Wednesday, 6th June 2018.

Warm again for the early bike-ride. Dropped me camera a few days back – it wouldn’t work – but new one tested today is fine. Teeny weeny butterfly in pic one.
Much greenery at Warth, river low. Pic two under Warth (Lattice) Bridge.
Giant Hogweed lines Irwell’s banks at Hinds Lane but pic three of ‘entrance’ to bike-route six near ex railway tracks. (Daisyfield)
News with Noughts: Things are getting naughty. Energy customer charged £150.00p + to have smart meter changed back to normal! And there’s talk of an £850.00 per family yearly tax (or n.i.) rise to fund nhs.