Thursday, 23rd November 2017.

Winds, snow, floods, rain, we got the lot last night apparently and it is cold, so a pic when the sun came out last June. But it was okay for an early bike-ride this morning. Watch-out for icy roads tonight as temperatures will again drop below zero.
Those govern-mental have, it seems, calmed-down after the budget yesterday.
Watched another Endeavour last night. Repeats but still good. Thursday brilliant.

Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.

Dull, rainy, humid, windy, but okay for the early bike-ride. Still plenty of water about with parts of Baron Street (Bury) just one big puddle. Very quiet around there without loco’s running.
On the fun front the chancellor tinkers with his current borrowings and little has changed – a few taxes, as said the other day, will rise. This just keeps the inflationary cycle going and has little or no real effect on anything. Diesel cars – especially older ones – taxed more. A bit of cash for the nhs, but really the problem there is a numbers (population) one. Stamp duty, for first time buyers, is abolished on properties up to £300,000.00p. This is okay – the previous limit was something like £125,000.00p – but is only window-dressing. The real problem first-timers have is saving a huge deposit, then trying to borrow the rest, often on minimal wage. This too will rise, to something like £7.80p an hour, so even those jobs become very iffy; not stable enough to impress mortgage lenders.
Watched an old Endeavour last night. (Recorded). They’re repeats yes, but one of the better ones.
Watch-out for (something like) a Bubonic Plague outbreak in Memphis Tennessee next week…

Tuesday, 21st November 2017.

Dull and drear this morning but no rain for morning’s biked six-miler. Not cold either but plenty of water going over Warth Weir – islands are nearly covered. Strangely a next-year hose-pipe ban is already envisaged for areas down south according to Wail this morning.
In Wail too are forecasts for tomorrow’s budget malarkey by that nice Mr Hammond. Here’s another: Taxes will increase despite being at all time highs. But, a while back, they lowered corporation tax and actually pulled more money! This highlights the sheer lunacy of our tax system where collecting it always costs more than is collected. (Result? Deficit and debt).
Tried to watch Country Music Awards the other night but couldn’t. The term ‘music’, in the title, is, these days, quite a mis-nomer.

Monday, 20th November 2017.

Rain this morning so outing postponed for an hour or so. Pic is from June and of one of the stone sculptures along the erm, Sculpture Trail. It’s really muddy there at moment.
Just reading of Bath Uni’ ‘head’ getting a pay-rise to £468,000.00p per annum. I mean, what can she teach to earn that? (Erm, how to make money perhaps?)
Watched program about country music last night – not bad. The presenter, Rich Hall, is funny and put some good facts forward about so-called ‘country’ music. Some nice guitars. Then, a bit late but a prog. about Ken Dodd turning ninety. As ever you just have to laugh with this comic genius.
Still rain and high winds outside – both can be interesting on a bike.
On the fun front it looks like Mrs Maybe will set the eu bung at £40,000,000,000.00p. It’s not good but getting out is paramount and that nice Mrs Merkel has got major backing probbies at home – so bung ’em a few quid to keep ’em quiet.

Sunday, 19th November 2017.

Nippy with a white frost early-on but okay on the bike. Saw smoke in the Bury South distance so a steamer was out and about. It was cold but a ten-minute wait was okay as the steamer (a smaller one) backed to the main approach line. I got me camera ready… but then the steamer went forward, back into the shed!?!
The erm, chancellor is waffling-on about knocking-out 300,000 new houses a year (to give away?) … no prizes for guessing who pays for ’em. (£5,000,000,000.00p per annum I expect?)
The same chancellor wants ‘autonomous’ cars on roads by 2021. That’s driverless cars folks.

Saturday 18th November 2017.

A good easy bike-ride this morning while it was fine. Pic is of Warth weir taken in September. Water-levels at moment are quite low.
I read this morning that, since the UK last really balanced its books,(about 20 years) we’ve paid £520,000,000,000.00p in interest alone. (That’s £520 billion). Is that about half a bill a week? But there’s talk of a vat hike in next weeks ‘budget’. There’s talk of loads of stuff in next week’s ‘budget’, but la deficit always grows. What can be done? Dunno, but last week I’m sure I read that Mr Trump went abroad and returned with $520,000,000,000.00c worth of trade deals for the US.
Watched a bbc ‘drama’ prog. last night, Love, Lies and Records, natch it’s all about public-sector life (beeb haven’t a clue about Private stuff!). In it records clerks Agatha Raisin and Lewis’ Innocent became office enemies when one got promotion. Acting in such shows is oft very good, but the stories (so far) here were very depressing for a first episode, I mean, what’ll follow? (A page or two of Ayn’s Fountainhead restores reason levels)

Friday 17th November 2017.

A touch rainy earlier but not cold for November. Pic from October. Not been out lately; too much morning rain! And a (now clearing?!) bug!
Read a great word, this morning, ‘Brexodus’. It was written by R. Littlejohn. I think I’ve heard it before. But it’s good eh?
Locally, new communications cable equipment is being installed and they’ve just done ours. Meanwhile our present provider makes rather disturbing £ losses. How can you make a loss?
Folk here preparing for Graceland US expedition. It’s okay, but coming back, to wintry, dull, Manchester weather and everyday toil, is a real downer – especially on top of Christmas.

Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Cool but windless for a few bike miles this morning and a long lorry up at ELR. It must be tricky backing that through the gates.
But they managed it.
I always think stuff like that is interesting to watch because it must happen, but folk rarely see it.
After that was squirrel-dodging around Daisyfield – there seems to be umpteen of ’em. On the wet leaves the new Schwalbe tyres (Winter Grades!) are vital and the sprung saddle is great for our road surfaces …
Might go out tonight …
Witch-hunting …

Friday 27th October 2017.

Cold again this morning but okay for a few bike miles. Daisyfield has had a ‘haircut’ (hedge-cutter yesterday) and looks much wider (it is much wider!) so plenty of twigs etc., about. But they’re not thorny – okay under the bike tyres.
The old Jolly Carters Carvery has long gone – just a big space along Bolton Road. Traffic-lights up there again, they’re fitting a new water-main. It’s easier for me to walk past on pavement.
Missed the loco’s this morning – saw the smoke …