Wednesday, 7th February 2018.

Cold and icy but okay for a carefull bike-ride locally. Snow on hills and windmills were stationary. Met another regular biker along Daisyfield and we took a look at new bike-route sections that will, eventually, meet-up with Daisyfield Greenway and take walkers, cyclists to Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, on the way via Breightmet, to Bolton. (Pic Two today)
The bike-route points to Constellation Mill and is close to an old railway line.
News with Noughts features retiring Network Rail boss who pulled £820,000.00p this year. And the recent Stock Market ‘correction’ has ‘lost’ £3,000,000,000,000.00p worldwide. (That’s 3 trillion £) Things are rising again though now.

Tuesday, 6th February 2018.

Cold again this morning and snow fell during early bike-ride but doesn’t show in pics – as today’s.
News with Noughts is about taxpayer-funded ‘Charity’ – Motability – which pays really good wages and has a £2,400,000,000.00p bank balance! Mmm – charity status means little or no tax so it’s no wonder boss’s ‘salary’ of £1,700,000.00p is being erm, scrutinised.
TV show – The X-Files – was, during first episode of new series, just a talking-head soap. (Just watched Brien Foerster’s latest Paracas (South American) elongated skulls video, on YouTube, where he reveals latest DNA test findings from several of the really weird skulls. Some skulls show DNA matches to the Caucus – European – areas. This is real X-File stuff! Mulder, Scully, take note.)
Endeavour was okay for a first episode with some blarney about a Faberge ‘egg’. (Okay but similar done by Ian Fleming/James Bond in ‘Property of a Lady’ a Fleming short-story.) As ever Thursday is spot-on for a ‘sixties copper’ while Endeavour does, at last, show signs of becoming Morse, the brilliant detective, as he’s now a sergeant. Very watchable – Shaun is well cast but needs to beef-up a bit.
Sadly, Frasiers very funny TV dad, John Mahoney, has died.
But, also very funny in Butterflies, (and she’s in many other TV shows) Wendy Craig joins (I think) Emmerdale?

Monday, 5th February 2018.

Really cold but not icy early-on so an easy few miles on the bike. Temporary lights (again) along Ainsworth Road (Radcliffe) but traffic was reasonable.
News with Noughts is about a ‘Think-Tank’ that thinks potential govern-mental water company nationalization plans will cost £90,000,000,000.00p. Natch this’ll be borrowed and will add 5% to existing national debt.
A govern-mental ‘crackdown’ on off-shore tax ‘havens’ has only brought-in £349,000,000.00p instead of an expected £1,000,000,000.00p. Hopefully it will have cost less than £349,000,000.00p, to implement, but past experience shows …
Recently the oldish fridge-freezer has been freezing in the fridge and refrigerating in the freezer. A new one is arriving shortly.
Again Happy Birthday wishes, Mark, are in order!
Fridge is here. Well done AO – again.

Sunday, 4th February 2018.

Very cold early-on with an icy white frost so a dodgy bike-ride along ice-puddled farm-lanes to Elton Reservoir.
From there down to the Scaffolded Bridge (Bank Top Bridge?) (Folk say why call it ‘The Scaffolded Bridge?’) and a walk/ride along a mega-puddled and overgrown Hinds Lane to Wellington Street.

Icy [puddles near those trees so approached on foot – foxes in trees. They ran off as I looked right at ’em.
Further along a now very narrow tow-path and canal water is frozen. Edging stones slippery. Tricky on two wheels.
‘In water’ section ends with a dam by the Oak trees – or is it just one oak tree? But then there’s more water on the two-path than in the canal!
From there to Wellington Street and then, after the Irwell footbridge, (very muddy around there – no Hogweed shoots as yet) a quick look at ELR but the steamer had already gone past. Couldn’t tell which one it was.
Back over Daisyfield and Bury & Bolton Road – less icy by now.
Watched more Amazon Grand Tour programmes last night. The guys are getting-on a bit but some great TV. Better, I think, than when on the beeb.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018.

Rainy sleet so far this morning so no bike-ride as yet. It’s quite heavy at moment.
On the fun front Honda have announced a new ‘Civic’ (I think) that’ll do 80 mpg. Strangely, it’s another diesel.
News with Noughts is that new Aston-Martin customers will get a ‘Car Birth Certificate’ and a £450.00p photographic build-record book, of their new car. Locally you can buy a car for £450.00. It might not be up to much but, hey ho …
Private Police Force (oh yes) TM Eye, has a 100% conviction rate! They patrol, as required, for a monthly fee.
And bt has share-price probbies as value of company (which isn’t real) drops by a half to £25,000,000,000.00p. The (very real) £14,000,000,000.00p pensions black-hole is, apparently, putting investors off. Not to mention up and coming competition like Netflix and Amazon.
Watched TGT episode on Amazon when Hamster drove his very fast electric job off a steep uphill road. Awesome stuff. Really glad they’re all back making interesting and fun car movies.
Tomorrow night, (Sunday) 8 pm, Endeavour is back and, I read, now a sergeant.

Friday, 2nd February 2018.

Cold but sunny this morning for a walk to Bury for a few bits and bats. Bought some ‘white carrots’. They were okay. Pic, taken December, is of water-trough thingy near Bury centre.
News with Noughts is that Jeff Bezos in now regarded as ‘richest man’ with $119,000,000,000.00c.
Nuff said eh.

Thursday, 1st February 2018.

Colder and very icy this morning – like a blizzard last night – so no out and about as yet. Pic from recent Burrs expedition last weekend.
On the fun front ‘scientists’ say sunflower and fish-oils may be bad for you … here we go … and the met office may use slang terms, like ‘pelting it down’, or ‘teeming down’, in order to ‘make forecasts more understandable’.
News with Noughts ever occurs: Those govern-mental will spend six years away from parliament buildings when they’re done-up; at a cost of £4,000,000,000.00p. There is, of course, a far cheaper option …
Facebook has lost a few US users for first time ever. The rest are spending 50,000,000 fewer, hours per day, at the ‘site. Profits, however, still rise.
Pensioner couple’s £10,000.00p vintage bicycle collection, stored in a council lock-up, is binned by council workers thinking bikes were old scrap …
Is nothing sacred?

Wednesday, 31st January 2018.

Colder today with hail showers on and off. Good for nipping out off-road with the camera. Mega-puddles along farm-lanes and Elton Reservoir was (natch) deserted. But a good few bike miles between hail showers.
On the fun front: Drivers are warned that they’ll be fined for going even 1 mph over limits. I’d better slow down a bit on the bike!
And China won’t take just any of our waste any more – it’s got to be good stuff.
News with Noughts is that Bill Gates dad has Alzheimers, so Bill’s ‘invested’ $100,000,000.00c in a bid to find a cure.
Nearly forgot pic 3! It’s of Elton Res embankment path – which has, at the moment, nearly as much water as the res itself! Gulls, Grebe, Ducks, Swans, Blue Tits, Goldfinch, Chaffinch – all around there this morning. There are though still a few Hawthorn thorns along the lanes – watch your tyres if biking.

Tuesday, 30th January 2018.

White frost this morning but still an easy six-miler on the bike. Pic one is of another of the Burrs Sculpture Trail erm, sculptures. Dunno exactly what this one is. (Besides being an ‘expense’.)
Pic two is of the new E.L.R. station at Burrs. It was officially opened by folk on The Flying Scotsman. It’s hard to get a pic of it as there’s a high fence, to the left, and, from other end, sun would have shone into camera. Soon Leander and Tornado steamers will be at E.L.R. for a few days. There are, on the station fencing, authentic 1940’s/50’s adverts. I think the old bike ‘fits’ too!
News with Noughts is that the beeb may ‘cap’ news-folk salaries at £320,000.00p. (What’s up with £32,000.00p?) I’ll be applying forthwith …
And Jeff Bezos new Amazon H.Q. cost $4,000,000,000.00c and houses 40,000 plants in its ultra-modern spheres. Again, I’ll be applying forthwith …

Monday, 29th January 2018.

Solid rain all morning so no bike-ride as yet. Pic is from Friday’s Burrs ride and is of some of the stones made and erected for the erm, ‘Sculpture Trail’ at the park. Mmm.
Ditto pic two, which is a massive mousetrap. (Ed’s hiding behind it.) Country Parks are brill – especially for bikes, but they’re ultra muddy after days of rain. Wellies are good if you fancy an outdoor trek.
News with Noughts reveals that our Brexit ‘bill’ is £40,000,000,000.00p. Yet they insist being in eu is lucrative.
But, in the real world, Amazon expected to reveal $175,000,000,000.00c sales for past trading year. It’s about £330,000,000.00p a day. Jeff’s target is $200,000,000,000.00c a year. That’s some Market-Stall eh?