There’s quite a bit locally, but, as ever, builders like untouched land. Here are some pix taken around Bury to Radcliffe along the canal.

The erm, ‘music’ playing is ‘Radcliffe Concerto’ – first generated in the late 1990’s. It’s really called ‘Christmas Concerto’; has a full lyric, but you need to be Pavarotti so sing it. I’ve long since lost the lyric …
Was at Benlech Bay, Anglesea, years ago and could see in the distance, from the beach, massive Snowdonia mountains. Here are more local (Radcliffe/Bury) pix with a twenty-year-old bit of electronica called ‘Benlech Bay’.

Around twenty years ago could just about generate basic musical sounds with old pc’s. The programme used ran on Windows. Recently the programme was got up and running via emulator and Linux and, with todays pc’s, runs even better! But here’s a twenty year old bit of electronica – an Irish Air – (written of course in Radcliffe) called ‘Arthurs’ Magic’ – erm, Guinness, with more scenic pix.

Locally, at Elton, a large reservoir keeps what’s left of The Manchester, Bury and Bolton Canal in water. Much of it is in Radcliffe. Here are a few pix of it with a years old electronica melody called, ‘The Hills of Papertown’.

Some pix, of the same area, taken January 2017, when Elton Reservoir was iced-up a bit, with an electronica piece called ‘Light of Love’. Written with J. Cash in mind about 1997. But who used an orchestra then?

Same area, Elton Reservoir, but some shots here of it partially empty when remedial work was being done. The footpath, later in the video, was underwater for a while when they re-filled it. Dunno what the music is – did it years ago.